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"Pierre Cardin Shoes cherishes and honors the beauty of women". Each impressive curves promote the feminine features and sharpen the graceful beauty for women. Pierre Cardin high - heels made of synthetic leather, which respect and enhance the prestige of women. This is currently the best-selling product, very popular among our customers.

High-heeled of Pierre Cardin has a three-sided logo printed on it both enhances the aesthetics of the shoe model and enhances the owner's class. Pointed-toe shoes create a feeling for long, slimmer legs. Standard shoe form with a moderate height helps a woman's posture become more flexible, elegant, and elegant in every step. We meticulously send the brand Pierre Cardin with "embossed art" three sides of the shoe. This is a unique point that you can only find from the signature product from Pierre Cardin.


Sewing technology: Cement Injection. 

Outer Material: Cowhide

Inner Material: Pig Skin

Talon Material: Pig Skin.

Instruction for storage

• Avoid direct contact with water and high - temperature.
• Frequently clean with a clean damp cloth.