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Pierre Cardin Cambodia is appreciated to satisfy gentlemen by the diversity lines of products that are always trendy. We understand that it is not easy to choose a comfortable business suit while refreshing style continuously. Obviously, we recommend you some ideas in order to get dressed up on a hard - working day.


Slightly mix a pale shirt with dark pants and vice versa, this may generate a favourable impression to others. To be more elegant, a choice of Vest and Pants has never been out of date. This style not only gives our gentlemen the inherent elegance but also the masculinity that is needed. Gentlemen need to pay attention to accessories because they include flexible choices of colors for pants such as black, brown, grey, white and so on. Noticing that trend, people should not mix tight pants with a tight shirt or a tight vest. This may reduce the unnatural body contour and improve the comfort in daily activities.

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Once you prefer a basic style but still youthful and modern, just open the wardrobe and choose a kha-ki or jeans to mix with Shirt. Moreover, a dark T - shirt can be mixed with every kind of Jeans or white T - shirt with a dark Jeans. This style may help you to be impressive at work. Not only notice the style of outfits but also the variety in applicability, beyond the framework of office style, you can multiply mix T - shirts with leather pants according to the occasion, for the sharpest formal result. 

“Elegant at work, same look after work”.

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Your professional style starts with a suit, a paint, a shirt, then comes a tie, a belt and a pair of shoes. It is impressively simple!

Pierre Cardin Cambodia stands for fashion wear and modern luxury style. Pierre Cardin's shopping experience is waiting for you. While you are still wondering what to select, our staff will honestly help you complete your professional dress code.

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Those are some tips to help you look great for the office. Henceforth, our Gentleman will not have to concern about daily casual fashion!

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